Create Craft Steel


My name is Felix. Over the last years I developed my passion of steel working to a level that I feel comfortable to offer it commercially. I did reduce the time I spend on my regular profession in benefit for this. I aim to offer unique pieces and solutions specifically made for you.


Steel is a relatively unexpensive material, which is readily available. This also means that it is easily thrown away. Recycling steel is a well established process, albeit it requires a significant amount of energy and logistics. I aim to re-use steel parts that reached its end of life cycle, to create something new of it. Next to that, I also use new steel pieces; otherwise it is difficult to gather enough uniform parts to make a table for example.
While I also use wood in some of my pieces (e.g., table tops), I decided to not offer more elaborate wood parts for now. Think of those pieces as a placeholder; you probably know someone who is passionate in wood working – which does not mix well with metal working due to the risk of fire…